Best Logistics and Supply Chain Management has emerged as a fast moving global trend in response to increasingly demanding consumers, shifting competitive environments and rapidly changing technologies.

Faced with today’s highly competitive, more global and highly dynamic business environment, it is no longer sufficient to create efficiency and responsiveness within just one company, or within just one country but rather ensuring same is achieved beyond boundaries.

The need for skilled and competent staff to drive the initiatives has become very crucial and pertinent. At FBS, we are known for training and breeding high level professionals being sought after all over the world to proof non existence of impossibilities in Supply Chain Management Arena.

FBS is an exclusive research oriented institution, which continues to grow for its unique student centric pedagogy. The school is based in Nigeria, having its campus in Lekki – Ajah, Lagos.

The Programs offered are CAREER ORIENTED in LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT that provides huge opportunities, not only in Nigeria but throughout the world.

At FBS, we strongly believe that “Learning is an Experience” and we offer a learning environment, which is truly inspiring and supportive, where every student has the opportunity to experience the joy of learning. The unmatched Learning Experience stimulates every individual to explore his or her innate abilities.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality education that delivers real benefits for you and your future, and so adopt the best teaching methodologies to bridge practices and principles, which enables students to master the business management.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management have rapidly risen on the corporate agenda and is now recognised as crucial for companies competing in global markets. FBS can help your organisation streamline and enhance your supply chain to deliver improved efficiency, productivity and significant cost benefits.

You can benefit from the global academic expertise of the school, drawing on innovative and industry-relevant research and a portfolio of training and management development programmes, adding real value to your organisation.

Fortune Business School is a leading Africa Business School dedicated to the development of responsible leadership for a complex world.
To achieve this, we encourage all those who engage with us to adopt an approach we call 'Connected Thinking' - a perspective which builds an understanding of the complexities in the global business environment.

Through this way of thinking, individuals and organisations develop the capacity to recognise the connections that make a difference and think creatively to lead change in a responsible way, whatever their role on the global business stage.

This approach is evident in everything that we do, and at every level of our excellent learning, teaching and research activities.
We are committed to achieving the very highest standards in all that we do, highlighted in accreditation from the following professional bodies, among others:
1. The Certified Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management
2. The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management
3. The Institute of Customer Relationship Management

Logistics - Consultancy and Research

With our state-of-the-art resources, we can help your organisation to streamline and enhance its Supply Chain to deliver improved efficiency, productivity and significant cost benefits.

Our consultancy and research services have been enhanced following the development and accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management, Ghana for the institute programme at the school, which aims to establish and embed a world-class centre of excellence in global Logistics, Supply Chain Management and related technologies.

The institute offers an interrelated suite of activities comprising membership, events, short courses, consultancy, academic degree programmes, technology development, and demonstration and business incubation space.

You can benefit from the global academic expertise of the institute, drawing on innovative and industry relevant research and a portfolio of training and management development programmes, adding real value to you and your organisation


Non existence of impossibilities


To provide a second to none high level Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management training and consultancy services to dynamic individuals and organisations with world class experience of our facilitators, while adding value of our shareholders investment.


To have a global recognition and local relevance in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.